Swagatham Charities 24th April 13 Maha Samadhi Day-Report

We are writing to express our deepest thanks to to all the Sai devotees who
Participated physically and all devotees who helped us world over in this event to make it a huge success for Sathya Sai Samadhi day 2013 programme.

We at swagatham charities are continually inspired by the dedication and generosity of people like you . At this opportunity we place our sincere heartfelt prayers to our dearest bhagawan for prosperity and well being of you and your family. Thank you once again and looking forward for your participation in all our divine service activities in the future as well.

With Regards,

For Swagatham charities
Jayanthi R

Note: For devotees who could not be present with us physically, we are attaching a short report on the event. We hope to give you a small feeling of what we enjoyed during the day.


6:00 Am-Ganapathy Homam at Swagatham Sai Mandir

7:00 Am-Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Sahasranamam at Swagatham Sai Mandir

7:30 Am-Start the loading of goods & Materials collected for the respective homes in seven Minidor vehicles at Mandir.

8:30 Am-Vehicles leave from Swagatham Sai Mandir to the respective homes to unload the goods. Devotees also join the convoy to start the visit for the day.

10:00 Am -Vehicles back to Mandir to collect Food for homes. By 12:00 pm all homes are delivered Food for lunch and Items planned for them.

8:45 Am-Inauguration function at “Anbalayam”
This home is situated in Chinna Thadagam, about 5 km from Swagatham Sai Mandir. This home is a shelter for about 100 mentally retarded / autism affected elderly and middle-aged men and women. We distributed ice creams, cakes, mangoes and grapes to all the inmates.  Some basic items were distributed –  Sanitary items like soap, handwash, toilet cleaner, brushes etc , fridge , cot with bed, used clothes . We sang bhajans Hari Bhajana Bina, Ganesha Sharanam.

9:30 Am-Reached home “Bharathi Annai Illam”
This home is situated in Pannimadai, about another 5 – 10 kms from Chinna Thadagam. This place houses boy and girl children aged between 3 to 15 yrs. It was a blissful moment watching the kids enjoy their cakes and ice creams here. Some items for this place include sanitary needs, one set of uniform for the children, girls’ cosmetic items, stationery items, one set of brand new inwears, used clothes. We sang bhajans Bhajomana Govinda Gopala, Shirdiyil Vazhndha Baba.

10:15 Am-Reached home “Aashnas”
This is a shelter for 9 boys studying from class 1 to class 3 in Hari Om Matriculation school nearby. This home is situated in Vadamadurai , close to 10 kms from Pannimadai. The boys in the home welcomed us with some divine musical notes taught to them on Saint Ramakrishna. “Prabhu Ramakrishna Thiruvadigalil Sharan Adai Maname” was the way they started. We felt truly happy to see the children sing with a lot of contentment and joy. Some items given for this home were carrom board, sanitary items, inner wear, stationery. We sang bhajan Allah Yesu Neeyandro.

11:00 Am-Nizhal
This is located in TVS Nagar at a distance of 10 km from the previous home. This is run by a young couple who work as HR consultants for a popular firm in Coimbatore. They are currently supporting 17 boys and girls aged between 6 and 15 yrs. The children here were excited to see some of the items we had reserved for them. The items include Cricket bat and Ball, Cosmetics for girls, Almirah for storing dress, Used clothes, Inner wear, Sanitary needs etc. Some bhajans we sang here were Rama bolo sitaram, Namo Bhagavathey Vasudevaya.

12:00 Noon-Sevalayam , Thaliyur
This is one of the two branches of Sevalayam. The other branch is located in Kalveerampalayam about 5 kms from Thaliyur. This home consists of children and old aged men and women. Mr.Sam, who is currently the care taker for both the places, was present during our visit. All children from both branches had assembled in Thaliyur only because we were going to be there. The children enjoyed the cakes and ice creams. The items offered here include Sanitary kits, Bicycle, Cosmetics, Indoor games etc. We sang Allah Bhajo here.

12:30 Pm-Ashreya
This is located in the foothills of Marudhamalai. There are 100 girl children living here. This is run by a Christian missionary. These children rendered their loving prayer to the lord before they ate the ice creams that we distributed here. Some items we gave here are brand new inner garments, indoor games, a new tailoring machine, sanitary items, used clothes, rice sacks, cereals etc. We sang Love is my form here.

1:00 Pm-Bharathi Annai Illam. This is an old age home with 90 inmates including men and women. We were impressed by the daily worker of this place Ms Vidhya who is the single helper for all the old people living here. The way she runs around from place to place here looking after every need of the elders here was really touching. We offered her special gifts on behalf of Swagatham Charities. All elders present here are also mentally depressed individuals currently under medical care. We offered basic Sanitary needs, Used clothes, Rice sacks, etc for this home. We sang Sai Engal Annaiyam at this place. The scenes of the elders enjoying the ice creams and cakes are still so close to our hearts.

2:00 Pm-Lunch for devotees @ Swagatham Sai Mandir
3:00 Pm-Left for the afternoon camp
3:30 Pm-Saibaba Old Age Home
This is situated near Nirmala College in Sungam. Lord Varuna showered his rigorous blessings with a heavy drizzle while we reached this home and kept us all drenched in his love. This home has a small statue of Shirdi Sai Baba with Shiva Lingam , Nandhi and Guru Dakshinamoorthy also installed. After we distributed Cakes, Used clothes, ice creams, a new Carrom board., a huge life size laminated photo of our Beloved Swami, Dosa tavas and a few more., we ended with a Bhajan –  Ganga Jatadhara Gowri Shankara here.

4:30 Pm-Saranalayam , NGGO Colony
This is a home for the girl children of prisoners and also children left in the court soon after declaration of divorce. The children here had prepared some programmes for our entertainment. We witnessed a talent pool here. The children exhibited immense dedication in all their dance performances. The medals, awards and recognitions that these children have won here make us realize the Gift of God in various ways. Some items given away here were inner garments, sanitary items, games, old bags, used clothes, milk drum, Aluminum buckets, cosmetics etc.

5:15 Pm-WME Douglas Home
This home is situated in NGGO Colony too. This home was not only a shelter for young children but also for cattle. The care taker also brings up cows and goats here along with children. The kids here seem to be very shrewd. One of the boys “Thirunavukarasu” about 2 yrs aged was so smart in his speech and expression. It is certain that although these children may be deprived of some necessities today in their living but they are going to be enriched in human values and love. They will be backbones for our Indian culture in the future.

5:30 Pm-Cannon Loving Home
This home is a few kms away from the previous home. The caretaker of the home is a couple whose child’s mental growth is retarded. This boy asked all of us to give a phone call when we reached our homes for him to know we all reached safe. The almighty has simply showered so much of love and grace on all these children without which it is not common to see this kind of love. Some items which were offered to this house include sanitary items, games, used vessels, used clothes , mixie, etc.

5:45 Pm-JeevaJothi
This home, also located in NGGO colony, is a shelter for small children. One of the chidren living here was just 3 months old. The way the other elderly children take care of this little dear God-given brother was simply amazing. Some of the items we gave here were perambulator, Kids jhoola, walker, bed, children’s bed, sanitary items, feeding bottles, diapers, used clothes, etc.

6:30 Pm-Raksha
Wow- the way swami had planned to end our day was simply worth so many Wows. This is a Veda Patashala run by Shri Jambunatha Ganapadigal. The children present here were extremely bright, glowing with divine radiance, undoubtedly because of the knowledge that they are imparted with. The way these children recited the Purusha Suktham,  filled the air with extreme magnitudes of divinity. We also sang many bhajans, right from Ganesha to Hanuman at this place. Arthi was also performed by the Ganapadigal. Some items we gave here were a new Grinder, Stationery, Mats, ice creams, badam milk, idli pressure cooker, idli plates, soaps, coconut oil cans, etc.

8:30 Pm-It was time to close for the day. All the 17 cars with devotees gathered again at our temple for Shej Arthi. Following this dinner was arranged for our devotees. Thus the divine day ended., which also made us contemplate &  rethink a lot about the way Swami has blessed all of us with such loving families, a roof on our head, food and clothing.,  We thanked Swami for the beautiful opportunity that He gave us that day which helped us open our eyes to be more sensitive to our lesser fortunate brethren., SAIRAM !
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