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  Proposed to construct a Prahara Mandapam

With the divine grace of our Beloved Bhagawan, Swagatham Charities proposes to construct a 'Prahara Mandapam' at Swagatham Sai Mandir. This Prahara Mandapam, of dimension 77 feet/95 feet, will have granite flooring and 14 pillars in all, (each of an approximate diameter of 3 feet) on the 4 sides of the Mandapam, without any pillars in the centre. The cantilever rooftops, the inner side of the ceiling, and the pillars will have intricately-designed carvings of various Gods, Goddesses, and depiction from the puranas. The rooftop of the Mandapam would be chemically-treated to withstand extremities of all temperatures/weather conditions.



The Prahara Mandapam will have an ornate, well-illuminated lighting arrangement, a diesel generator, and a suitable inverter for electrical power backup. It will also have a well-designed ramp, especially for the use of senior citizens and the physically-challenged.


By constructing this Prahara Mandapam, the trust hopes to achieve its primary objectives viz. Annadanam, Free Tuition Classes and Free Medicals Camps.


The Trust proposes to tie up with various hospitals across the city and conduct free medical camps for the poor and needy frequently, provide free consultation and distribute appropriate medicines free of cost whenever possible, in this Prahara Mandapam.


This Mandapam will also be used for conducting free tuition classes for students. The Trust plans to reach out to academically and financially weak students in the schools/villages/panchayats in the neighbouring areas and conduct free tuition classes for them on a weekly basis at a convenient schedule.


The Prahara Mandapam will also help in doing Annadanam (Feeding the Poor), in a larger scale than being done now


  Sri Satya Sai Baba Birthday Celebrations 2012
Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba Varu’s Birthday (Vardhanthi) Celebrations
Reminiscence of the Descent of the Formless Absolute in human form is Meditation in itself
23rd November is a date that is permanently etched in the canvas of every Sai devotee's memories for it reminds us of the Lord’s Descent and his love which filled us.

Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba Varu’s Birthday (Vardhanthi) was celebrated at Swagatham Sai Mandir, Coimbatore,with great vigour. The celebrations, that spanned over 5 days, saw various homams and cultural performances being made. All homams were performed by Sri Vidya Upasakar Pudukottai Brahmasri Bhairava Sasthrigal, Sri Manikanda Sasthrigal and their team of Vedic priests. 
 Here is a day-by-day account of the festivities : 

Day 1 – 19th November 2012


The first day of the Vardhanthi celebrations began with the performance of Sri Maha Ganapathi
Homam, Sri Navagraha Homam and Sri Maha Mruthyunjaya Homam. This was followed by Chathur Veda Parayanam and Poornahuti. The morning’s programme ended with Mangala Arathi and Annadanam.


 The evening had a wonderful start with divine reverberations of Vishnu Sahasranamam Parayanam
by Sri Sri Sri Paramacharyal Vishnu Sahasra Nama Parayana Mandali, Sai Baba Colony, Coimbatore.
 followed by a Spiritual Discourse by Kalaimamani Dr.Saradha Nambi Aruran on the
topic: “Service to Humanity is Service to God.” The discourse was received very well by the audience, for it brought to our attention, one of Swami’s most important teachings. The day ended with Annadanam and Mangala Arathi.

Day 2 – 20th November 2012

 Day 2 of the Vardhanthi Celebrations started with Sri Maha Ganapathi Homam, Sri Swayamvara Parvathi Japam, 27 Nakshathra Devatha Homam and Swayamvara Parvathi Homam. This was followed by Poornahuti (with Veda Parayanam), Mangala Arathi and Annadanam.

The first of the two events scheduled for the evening was ‘Samarpanam’, a Sai Bhajan programme by
the Sai Krupa Balvikas and Youth wing members. 
 Which was followed by a Spiritual Debate on the topic “Who stands by the devotee during a crisis – God or Guru”, moderated by Prof.Dr.T.Rajagopalan.The two speakers on each side led on a healthy, humorous  yet thought-provoking debate. Both the events were thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. Annadanam and Mangala Arthi concluded the day’s festivities.

Day 3 – 21st November 2012


 Kalasa Sthapana Puja was the first of the poojas to be performed on day 3 of the Birthday Celebrations. Next was Chandi Parayanam, followed by Sri Maha Ganapathi Homam. Sri Chandi Yagnam was performed in a very grand manner, followed by Suvasini Pooja, Kanya Pooja, Dampathi Pooja, Vadu Pooja and Gho Pooja. The morning ended with Poornahuthi, Mangala Arathi and Annadanam.

The evening saw Sai Bhajans being sung by ‘Kala Rathna’ Smt.Ambili Rajasekar and her music team from Chennai. Smt.Ambili and her team sang various well-known bhajans and the audience followed them enthusiastically. The programme ended with Annadana and Mangala Arathi.

Day 4 – 22nd November 2012


 Day 4 of the Vardhanthi Celebrations had some very different homams and pujas being performed. The day started with Sri Maha Ganapathi Homam, followed by Sri Shirdi Sai Mulamantra Parayanam
and Ashtothram and Sri Satya Sai Mulamantra Parayanam and Astothram. Sri Kubera Homam was
performed next. The morning concluded with Poornahuthi, Mangala Aarthi and Anna danam.
The evening festivities started with Sai Bhajans sung by Sai Krupa Bhajan Team. 
 This was followed by a Violin concert by “Thaantri Naadhamani” Kum.Athira Krishna (Guinness World Record Holder). Athira and the accompanying artists kept the audience swaying in devotion, keeping in pace with her excellent, soul-stirring rendition. The event came to an end with Annadanam and Mangala Arathi.

Day 5 – 23rd November 2012


The final day of the Vardhanthi Celebrations was a grand one with various poojas and homams being
performed. The day began with Sri Maha Ganapathi Homam, Vaasthu Kalasam, Avahanthi Kalasa Pooja, Vaasthu Japam – Avahanthi Japam. Sri Maha Vaasthu Homam was performed, followed by Poornahuthi, Mangala Arathi and Annadanam.
 More than 8000 people were served Annadana Prasadam during these 5 days.

The evening programme was one of the most-eagerly awaited events – a drama on ‘Ramayana Maha Kaviyam’, presented by Sai Krupa Balvikas children and Youth wing members. The event was aptly

honoured by Smt.Lakshmi Sivachandran, a veteran film actress and Sai devotee. Complete with props, backdrops and costumes, the drama featured various episodes from Ramayana, an epic that towers above many others even today, because of its relevance in our day-to-day lives. The performance of the actors was thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by one and all in the audience. The day ended with cake-cutting for our Beloved Swami, Mangala Aarthi and Anna danam.

The 5-day programme was like a long-running festival for all Sai devotees, who participated in good numbers in every event. The festivities ended on a happy note, with the rain-god blessing all with beautiful showers on Swami’s birthday.


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Kakad Arthi - 6:00am
Madhyan Arathi
Dhoop Arthi - 6:00pm
Shej Arthi - 8:00pm
Annadhanam (Sunday) - 1pm


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