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Swagatham Charities, founded in the year 1999, is a small tiny instrument in the hands of our Lord Sai, through which all our Service activities are being carried out.
Swami says, ‘Service to Daridra (Poor) Narayanaa is the highest form of Sadhana.’
Narayana Seva has been a regular activity here since the year 1995. Over the last few years, Narayana Seva is being done at our Swagatham Sai Mandir premises, where children and destitutes participate.
The children in these areas are distributed notebooks and stationery material during School Reopening time of June / July regularly. Medical camps are conducted during Swami’s Birthday celebrations.
Bhagawan’s Birthday is celebrated by performing homams, bhajans, cultural activities by our Balvikas students and Special Concerts by renowned artists. A lot of people participate in these functions and partake of the prasadam. Bhajans are done with divine fervor every weekend. Weekly Balvikas classes are conducted too.
The proposed plans of the trust for the near future are to construct a Prahara Mandapam from where we wish to conduct the above mentioned activities of Narayan Seva, Medical Camps, free Tuitions etc. The same hall would be used as a marriage hall for the poor and the needy free of cost.


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Kakad Arthi - 6:00am
Madhyan Arathi
Dhoop Arthi - 6:00pm
Shej Arthi - 8:00pm
Annadhanam (Sunday) - 1pm


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